goodnature A24 Humane rat traps

About the a24

Goodnature A24 humane rat and mouse traps are the worlds first automatic humane traps. They are small, easy to install and dispatch rodents humanely and efficiently every time.

Attracted by a long-life formula for rats, once triggered the dispatched pest falls from the trap which immediately resets itself. Capable of controlling up to 24 rodents per CO2 canister.

Developed and tested in harsh outdoor environments the A24 trap is just as effective in your garden or loft as it is in rural or outdoor urban environments, allowing anyone to carry out effective rodent control.

We supply our Goodnature rat traps UK wide, to end users, farms, estates and the pest control industry.

When using the A24 Rat trap, it is best to set the trap as close to where you believe the rats are living. Rats are incredibly intelligent and renowned for their ability to survive and thrive in the most extreme conditions. 

Should you need any help with improving your success rate, please give us a call or read through some of our blog posts.


  • Patented self-resetting technology
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Contains no toxins
  • Long-life formula for rats
  • Targeted, efficient and humane (A-Class rats and stoats)
  • Multi-award winning design
  • Certified for use in England, Wales, Scotland & N.I
  • New Zealand designed and made
humane rat traps uk
how the goodnature trap dispatches rodents

a24 rat trap suitability

Professional use

Our Goodnature A24 rat and mouse traps offer professional users the ability to conduct humane pest control in a wide variety of situations, from commercial sites to residential areas without the use of rat poison products. Once installed, you are able to reduce visits and carry out other jobs, becoming more efficient and securing more clients. A simple weekly check is all that’s required.

Home use

Goodnature A24 humane rat traps are easy to setup and install. Anyone can target pests through an automated, poison free approach,  in and around their home,  The instructions included will guide you through installation, maintenance and how best to tackle your pest problem. We also have additional technical information availabe here.

Trapping Legislation

All traps are subject to conditions set out in the Spring Trap Approval Order. The STAO England states that Goodnature A24 humane rat traps UK may be used for the purpose of dispatching Stoats, Rats, Weasels & Mice.

You can learn more about the humane control of rats on the ufaw website.