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Goodnature Traps UK, our automatic trap resets itself so you don’t have to.

The A24 is robust, easy to install and requires very little user input. Our traps have been designed to perform in all climates. The A24 has been designed with non-target species in mind. We are passionate about the conservation of our native species, be it ground feeding birds or hedgehogs, they can be avoided with correct site ID and installation.

Goodnature traps are approved for use in throughout the UK & Ireland.

 Goodnature Traps UK

Goodnature Traps UK is committed to responsible, poison free pest control which will help native species of conservation concern such as, yellowhammer, house sparrow, linnet, song thrush and starling. Help Here.

Our Goodnature Grey Squirrel Trap is now available, the A18GS is an invaluable tool in the control of this invasive species. Grey Squirrels are accountable for major damage to native broad-leaved woodland, localized songbird populations and our indigenous Reg Squirrel.

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The A24 Trap

The Goodnature A24, is an automatic trap. It is small, easy to install and resets itself after each humane strike, up to 24 times per CO2 canister. Goodnature A24 humane rat traps are just as effective in your garden or loft as they are in rural or urban locations. Goodnature traps dispatch instantly meaning no suffering and have been independently tested to meet the highest humane standards.


Goodnature Formulas are developed and tested for maximum field attraction to pests and to last longer between checks than any other competitor. Our gel contains no toxins - meaning there is no risk of secondary poisoning to native species or your pets.


The Goodnature team of expert engineers and designers has developed a range of accessories to support your trapping success. The combination of you the trapper, Goodnature trap technology and these handy accessories complete your system for constant control to deliver success and the pest free vision.

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We care about our native wildlife, please be considerate of hedgehogs and other native species when using traps. Dismiss