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Goodnature Traps UK, our automatic trap resets itself so you don’t have to.

The A24 is robust, easy to install and requires very little user input. Our traps have been designed to perform in all climates. The A24 has been designed with non-target species in mind. We are passionate about the conservation of our native species, be it ground feeding birds or hedgehogs, they can be avoided with correct site ID and installation.

Goodnature Traps UK – Protect Our Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are a protected species in decline. A well-placed A24 set at 12-15 inches above the ground will make it very difficult for entry. Hedgehogs may scale log piles but they are not built to climb vertically. If your detector cards show hedgehog activity in your area, it is important to do everything you can to stop interaction with the trap. This can be achieved with our UK specific formula for rats or building up around the entrance of the tunnel to restrict access. This is an excellent way of blending the trap in to the natural environment and we recommend this be done anyway to improve rodent interaction. Our tailored chocolate formula has been researched and produced to attract the target species. A hedgehogs diet consists of earth worms, invertebrates, eggs, chicks, frogs and fallen fruit.  Bricks, wood, flints, etc can be used to shelter the trap and stop any interaction from non-target species. The trap can also be used in conjunction with the excluder tunnel we sell.


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Hedgehog Safe

If you have any more concerns over hedgehogs in your area, please get in touch, even if you’re not a goodnature user. We would be happy to offer support on how to carry out a safe trapping regime that will help to protect hedgehogs. Check your garden doesn’t hold these hazards that threaten our prickly friends.

A responsible, well thought out trapping regime will benefit hedgehogs by reducing food competition and predation of their young. It is important to note that reducing the amount of poison used in the environment, is not only humane, but will see less instances of secondary poisoning. A reserved figure for trace elements of poison found in barn owls was placed at 95% in 2015. Other species that suffer are predators such as badgers, foxes, kestrels, buzzards, red kites, hedgehogs and even domestic animals. Responsible trapping, without the use of poison will help our native wildlife thrive.

Have a look here on how to create a safer more enriched sanctuary for them in your garden.

Our trap comes with a success guide on how to avoid non-target species. If you have a resident hedgehog in your area, a well placed trap 12-15 inches high or a built up entrance around the trap will keep them safe. It is vital that if using the tunnel, the trap is at least 12 inches from the ground, vertically.

Please act responsibly and humanely when carrying out any form of trapping, be it with the A24 or other spring traps, respect should be afforded to all wildlife, including brown rats.

 Goodnature Traps UK

Goodnature Traps UK is committed to responsible, poison free pest control which will help native species of conservation concern such as, yellowhammer, house sparrow, linnet, song thrush and starling. Help Here.

Our Goodnature Squirrel Trap is currently undergoing testing. We hope to be able to start field trials by the end of the year. We will not use lethal traps in areas where there are red squirrels. Our ongoing tests will also help us to dramatically reduce the threat to non-target species and strive to protect our native flora & fauna. Stay in the loop for more info on the Goodnature Squirrel Trap!

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The Goodnature A24, is an automatic trap. It is small, easy to install and resets itself after each humane strike, up to 24 times per CO2 canister. Goodnature A24 humane rat traps are just as effective in your garden or loft as they are in rural or urban locations. Goodnature traps dispatch instantly meaning no suffering and have been independently tested to meet the highest humane standards.


Goodnature Formulas are developed and tested for maximum field attraction to pests and to last longer between checks than any other competitor. Our gel contains no toxins - meaning there is no risk of secondary poisoning to native species or your pets.


The Goodnature team of expert engineers and designers has developed a range of accessories to support your trapping success. The combination of you the trapper, Goodnature trap technology and these handy accessories complete your system for constant control to deliver success and the pest free vision.


Replenishment Packs contain a years worth of supplies to keep your self-resetting traps primed for any re-invading critters. CO2 canisters and paste bottles plus the supplies for success. This keeps your area, however big, free of pests all year round through Goodnature's constant control system.

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We care about our native wildlife, please be considerate of hedgehogs and other native species when using traps. Dismiss