Goodnature A24 Smart Trap Kit

A24 Rat Traps

Our pioneering A24 Rat & Mouse trap is capable of dispatching 24 rodents, one after the other. The tailored chocolate formula is safe around wildlife, ensuring only the target species interacts. A well placed A24 can control rodents for up to 6 months, with only a monthly check needed.

The A24 bolt mechanism is driven by CO2, when a rat or mouse enters the in-built tunnel, it crawls up to reach the chocolate gel. Sat at the back of the tunnel, the rodent touches the trigger when trying to eat the lure, a bolt then dispatches the rodent , retracts and resets…

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A18 Grey Squirrel Traps

Grey Squirrels damage our native woodland, songbird populations and have driven our native red squirrels to the brink of UK extinction. As a conservation company, we couldn’t sit back and watch this happen. Driven by the same principles as our A24, the A18 can dispatch 18 Grey Squirrels, automatically.

Britain’s ancient and semi-ancient forests were established before the introduction of the grey squirrel. Young broadleaf plantations are at risk of bark stripping and ring barking; resulting in upto 95% of trees being lost…

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goodnature a 18 squirrel trap

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