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Once you have installed a Goodnature A24, you have effectively installed a 6 month, constant control system. Due to the traps ability to dispatch then re-set; we become far more efficient in our approach to tackling pests.

The Goodnature name is more than pest control, our traps are conservation tools. Use the A24 correctly and responsibly and not only will you control your pest problem; you will help our native wildlife.

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The success guide you receive with your trap lets you know how to install it correctly and safely. Above all, it is your responsibility when using any trap, to ensure you are using a safe, targeted approach that minimizes risk to protected species.

Responsible, poison free pest control will help native species of conservation concern such as, yellowhammer, house sparrow, linnet, song thrush and starling.

Our Squirrel Trap is available now. We are carrying out start field trials as we speak. As with all lethal traps, we do not condone the use of one in an area where red squirrels are present. Our ongoing tests will also help us to dramatically reduce the threat to non-target species and strive to protect our native flora & fauna. Say in the loop for more info on the Goodnature Squirrel Trap!

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