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a24 rat trap humane evaluation document


In independent field evaluations undertaken to assess the welfare performance of the A24 trap for rats, it achieved the A Class NAWAC guidelines for a humane kill trap, killing the target species quickly and effectively.

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manual for the goodnature strike counter

Strike Counter Manual

Your Digital Strike Counter collects the number of strikes your trap has delivered in the intervals between trap checks. Please take the time to read these instructions to get the optimum performance from your device.

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ensure sucess with your a24 manual

Ensure Sucess -A24

Ensure your traps are constantly available and attractive to pests by following our best practice rebaiting guidelines. Refresh the lure in your traps every month. Every 6 months replace the CO2 canister and lure bottle.

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Moving Your A24

Rather than shift your traps, it is better to add to the trapping network and increase your pest free area. If however, you need to move your trap or have found a better location for it, it is very important you follow these instructions.

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