Website Re-Design by eco seo for Goodnature Traps UK

Our old website was slow and difficult to navigate, so the decision was made to completely redesign it. Transferring the existing content and products, rationalising the pages, simplifying navigation and bringing the design in line with that of the New Zealand parent company.  What you see now is the new website, the below is an image of the old one.

old home page

We’ve been working with eco seo for a while now, so asked them to quote for a complete redesign, it was also suggested that we change hosting providers as this would help further with the speed issues we’d been we now have:

The new zealand site

nz parent company site

our new website

web design by eco seo

A major problem we had which was affecting our ranks in the search engines was the site speed, so that was also addressed with a new host when the site went live.  We now have an aesthetically pleasing, lighting fast website which is easy to navigate and place an order on.

The image below demonstrates how fast the site was loading before and after. To the left is the original website which was taking almost 10 seconds to fully load, the new site went live at the start of may and went straight down to loading within under 2 seconds. (this has since been improved further and it now loads in around 1 second).

site loading speed improvements

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