UK Trapping Legislation

Goodnature Legislation – England

Goodnatures A24 Rat, Mouse & Stoat Trap is approved under legislation for use throughout the UK & Ireland.

Here you can find a link to the English STAO, this explains the manner in which the user must safely and responsibly deploy the trap.

The Goodnature A24 trap has been through the rigorous AIHTS humaneness test, passing with exemplary results. This global agreement requires signatory countries to prohibit traps for fur-bearing species that will not pass a clearly specified humaneness test.


Goodnature Legislation – United Kingdom & Ireland

All Goodnature traps are approved for use throughout the United Kingdom. It is important that all traps are used in accordance with the Spring Trap Approval Order relevant to their devolved country. The red squirrel is facing extinction on mainland UK due to the larger, more aggressive grey squirrel. This North American non-native has played a large part in the severe decline of our glorious red squirrels, Broad Leaf Woodland and Songbirds. The new A18GS, Grey squirrel trap is now here, we believe this will be a vital conservation tool for our treasured Reds.


Rest of World

Goodnature Traps are being used throughout the world, protecting our most threatened species facing predation from pests. The A24 is a conservation tool, helping species of concern.

DOC’s Native Island rat eradication project was successful in removing the rat population from Native Island using Goodnature A24 traps. This report outlines the process and results. Click here to read the report on how Goodnature Traps are saving the most iconic wildlife of New Zealand.


The Goodnature® A24 automatic rat & stoat Kill Trap Evaluation of Humaneness: 2011


This document reports on the field evaluation undertaken to assess the welfare performance of
the Goodnature® A24 automatic rat/stoat kill trap’s ability to kill rats according to the National
Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC) Guideline 09: Assessing the welfare performance
of restraining and lethal traps. Click here to read the report.