about goodnature traps UK

We Believe Poison Free Pest Control Is The Future

Our vision is a natural environment in which native species survive, thrive and flourish. Free from the threat and destruction of pests. Goodnature Traps UK is constantly working to develop products that make it easy for everyone to create safe, disease free areas, however big. We are committed to providing solutions to pest control for home, commercial and professional users. The Goodnature A24 is the realisation of a poison free outlook, humane, non-toxic pest control.

Through the design and manufacture of automatic traps that humanely dispatch pest animals and then reset themselves. The Goodnature A24, humane, non toxic rat traps have been designed to save you time and effort. Operating them is simple. We can slow biodiversity decline by eradicating the pests that threaten our native species and cause million pounds worth of damage to buildings, crops and property; it’s that simple.

vance pain

Vance Pain
managing director

Vance is a military veteran with a passion for the countryside. His experiences in both wildlife management and conservation have brought a dynamic view to conservation pest control.

Now the Managing Director of Goodnature Traps UK, Vance is responsible for all aspects of the company, from management right through to end user installation. His broad outlook ensures a positive experience for our supporters.

David Hunt Director

David Hunt

David is a qualified forester with a passion for the outdoors and hunting. His experiences in both the forestry industry and the hunting field has provided him with a valuable understanding of how new technical products can be deployed and utilised in our environment.

Edward Dashwood

rob fenwick director

Rob Fenwick
Company Secretary

A farmer’s son from North Yorkshire and a passionate countryman. 

Rob has been Managing Director of E.J.Churchill for over 12 years.

He is now lending this invaluable experience to Goodnature Traps. He is passionate about service and works tirelessly on making sure that we stay ahead of the field in everything that we do.