Garden Rats – Trap Positioning

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Garden Rats – Trap Location

Our gardens hold a myriad of food items for rats to feed on; be it morsels from the bird table, our prized veg patch or the chicken’s dinner, they will inevitably find it. These food-rich areas can often prove difficult when trying to manage a rodent population. This is where fieldcraft comes in.

a24 rat trap from goodnature ukTo get the best results from your Goodnature A24, it is essential to position it in the right place. This goes for all traps; however, it becomes even more important when using traps driven by a food source. It is not uncommon that a small garden managed with rodent bait stations would see at least one of these untouched. Confusingly, one of them would be so heavily fed on, one starts to question just how many rats they have at the property.

A quick victory can result from a tidy up of freely available food and moving the traps to where the rats are living. If a rat can seek a hearty meal on its door step, its bound to take it. What’s more, rats are constantly evaluating risk and reward. When a rat runs the gauntlet to the chicken coop, it is on the look-out for ground and avian predators. This is where position comes in to its own, if we can negate the rat from having to expose itself to predators and feed in a safe environment, our success grows exponentially.

Avoid Rat Runs & Sources of Food

One of the worst places to site an A24 is on a rat run, open to the elements as well as predators; one would struggle to deliver consistent results. The rodent uses runs to get to preferred locations, they are a necessity that puts them at potential harm every trip. The real question lies with why they are using it, what is it they are so determined to get to? If we can identify this, we can then work back from it and trap them as close to home as possible.brown rat

Another common mistake is placing the trap directly next to the food source that they are feeding on. Given the choice and due to their acute neophobia, they will feed on what they know. Again, trap back to where they live, they will be far more inclined to eat the bait in the trap, as it reduces exposure to predators. Providing cover over the trap helps greatly, be it a piece of old plywood positioned as a lean too, or a box fashioned from wood. This will create an environment in which the rodent feels safe to feed, increasing catch rate. Natural shelter can also be used, placing a trap under a dense hedge is a proven winner.

The A24 is not like a conventional spring trap, although some principles can be applied; a different approach is needed. Look at your garden and work out the dynamics of it. You can always move the trap if needed. Through trial and error you will find the perfect location.

Find out more about our range of rat traps here and don’t forget, we’re just a call away; our team will help in anyway we can!

5 thoughts on “Garden Rats – Trap Positioning

  1. Denise says:

    A18 working brilliantly but I haven’t had a single nibble on the rat baits so haven’t installed the A24 anywhere yet. Definitely more difficult to find a good spot for the rat trap.

  2. Matt says:

    An horrendous squirrel problem in the loft resulted in the rafters being gnawed clean through and the insulaton ripped to shreds. Live traps were relatively unsuccesful and to this day we still haven’t discovered the squirrel entry point despite infra-red cameras and an outside inspection of the guttering, eaves and tiles. I saw the A18 on youtube and thought I’ll try it. I sunk a 2.4m fence post into the back lawn and fixed the A18 at the top. Six days later the lawn was like a scene from Jonestown. 10 on the lawn, 13 on the digital counter. Loft problem gone and we haven’t seen a squirrel since. Worth every penny.

  3. Mr K Edwards says:

    Can I say since we purchased our A18 , within a week we had disposed of 12 . Can’t recommend this product enough .
    I would recommend the trap cover as the squirrels do like to try and bite through the shroud cap for the bait ….!

  4. Simon says:

    I have been trying to sort a squirrel problem and have tried to humanely dispatch them with an air rifle but these little critters seem to be made of iron! So I bought a-18 squirrel trap as the reviews were good. Yes it’s expensive but it’s a great bit of kit I setup a camera to check how humane it is and I was surprised how quickly it despatches the little critters compared to the air rifle.

  5. Brian Dawson says:

    We purchased a squirrel trap recently and within 3 days we disposed of 5. Our first floor window ledges are now squirrel free. Excellent product.

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