A24 Humane mouse trap by goodnature

About the a24

Goodnature automatic mouse traps. Designed specifically to target mice, the A24 is humane and toxin-free.

Mice are attracted to the trap by the tailored chocolate formula. This has proven incredibly effective throughout the globe, enabling users to quickly and efficiently get on top of any mouse infestation; be it in your house, garage, warehouse or attic.

Mice are often hard to control as they are sporadic feeders, eating very small amounts from a wide range of food sources. The best way to control mice is to dispatch them instantly & humanely. The A24 humane mouse trap can dispatch 24 mice without the need for checking or resetting. 

A well placed goodnature mouse trap can ensure a garage, workshop and its contents are in safe hands throughout the year. Protect your environment with goodnature.


  • Patented self-resetting technology
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Poison free, so safe around pets
  • Long-life formula for mice
  • Targeted, efficient and humane 
  • Multi-award winning design
  • Certified for use in UK & Ireland
  • New Zealand designed and made
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how the goodnature trap dispatches rodents

applications & Legislation

Goodnature humane mouse traps are easy to setup and install. The simple guide included with the trap, ensures anyone can undertake home mouse control quickly and easily. Mice are known to spread Salmonella and Listeria, they are also the main culprits of domestic floods and electrical fires. Why risk it, protect your home today.

Goodnature mouse traps enable professionals to control mouse infestations efficiently, with minimal cost to them or the client. Mice are dispatched instantly, allowing them to be removed without risk of the pests crawling into cavities or floor space. The chocolate mouse bait provided is highly palatable to house mice, ensuring success.

Our mouse traps have been used in large warehouses, where discreet, constant control is required. Mouse infestations can be incredibly damaging to companies reputation. Why not give us a call and see how we can protect your business.

All traps are governed by the Spring Trap Approval Order. The STAO England directs, the Goodnature A24 trap may be used for the purpose of dispatching Stoats, Rats, Weasels & Mice. The trap must be so placed that it can only be entered by way of an artificial tunnel, which is suitable for the purpose.