Keeping Hedgehogs Safe

Keeping Hedgehogs Safe


Be aware of hedgehogs, these are a protected species in decline. A well-placed A24 set at 12-15 inches above the ground will make it difficult for entry. Hedgehogs may scale log piles but they are not built to climb vertically. If your detector cards show hedgehog activity in your area, it is important to do everything you can to stop interaction with the trap. This can be achieved with our UK specific formula for rats, building up around the entrance of the tunnel to restrict access, or used in conjunction with the excluder tunnel we sell you can help protect this species.


GN-Tunnel-Hedge-199x300 Keeping Hedgehogs Safe


If you have any more concerns over hedgehogs in your area, please get in touch. We would be happy to offer support on how to carry out a safe trapping regime that will help to protect hedgehogs in your area. Check your garden doesn’t hold these hazards that threaten our prickly friends.

A responsible, well thought out trapping regime will actually benefit hedgehogs by stopping food competition and predation of their young.

Have a look here on how to create a safer more enriched sanctuary for them in your garden.

We care about our native wildlife, please be considerate of hedgehogs and other native species when using traps. Dismiss