Digital Strike Counter


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About Digital Strike Counters

It’s usually not long before the dispatched pests get scavenged from under your self-resetting traps by predators such as raptors, badgers, foxes or cats. Just in case you were wondering how many times your traps have been triggered, Goodnature has made the Digital Strike Counter.

Packed into a tiny enclosure, the Strike Counter slides onto the CO2 canister, is easy to check and reset and spends most of its day asleep. It is sparked into life when the trap is set off recording the action from the first strike up to 99. Because it sleeps so much, you’ll get a few years between battery changes, even if you check it weekly.


  • Digital Strike Counter
  • 5-year battery life
  • Water proof

We care about our native wildlife, please be considerate of hedgehogs and other native species when using traps. Dismiss