Automatic Formula Pump


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Save time and wildlife. The AFP is an automatic formula pump, once activated it will ooze out fresh gel for 6 months. In dusty environments or areas that are hard to reach, this innovative pump will ensure a fresh scent is always on offer. By removing the Token on top of the AFP, the external air reacts with the internal compound. The reaction causes the internal chamber of the pump to expand very slowly, the result; a constant flow of fresh, high protein formula.

The Goodnature AFP is a low maintenance version for the user under time constraints. This pump can be fitted to all Goodnature A24 traps.

WHAT YOU GET (AFP) Chocolate


  • AFP Chocolate
  • 6 Months Continuous Feed
  • Long Life Formulation
  • Water Resistant
  • Fat and Protein Combination
  • Pet & Wildlife Safe
  • Toxin-Free
  • Stable Across Warm and Cold Climates


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