A24 Rat & Mouse – Counter Kit


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About the A24 Rat & Mouse Counter Kit

The A24 Rat & Mouse Counter Kit is the basic building block of a Goodnature constant control network. It contains the trapping supplies for up to 6 months of rat/mouse control.

Tested in harsh outdoor environments the A24 is just as happy in your garden or attic as it is in the countryside, meaning everyone can carry out effective pest control.  When the rodent tries to get to the chocolate food source in the trap, it sets off a trigger housed deep within the feeding tunnel, activating a CO2 powered bolt which instantly and humanely dispatches the target species.

When you set your A24, make a note of the date so you know when to do your monthly lure refresh and 6-monthly gas change. As your first year of trapping comes to completion, purchase the Goodnature 1-Year Replenishment Pack for rats & mice.

In this box

  • 1 x A24 Self-resetting Rat & Mouse Trap
  • 1 x Chocolate Gel Bottle
  • 1 x CO2 Gas Canister
  • 1 x Digital Strike Counter
  • 1 x Rodent Detector Kit
  • 1 x Success Guide


Trapping Legislation


All traps are subject to conditions set out in the Spring Trap Approval Order. The STAO England states that the Goodnature A24 trap may be used for the purpose of dispatching Stoats, Rats, Weasels & Mice. The trap must be so placed that it can only be entered by way of an artificial tunnel, which is suitable for the purpose.

The full approval order can be found here – http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2018/1190/made



We care about our native wildlife, please be considerate of hedgehogs and other native species when using traps. Dismiss